Mental Health Matters

Just Human is all about bringing awareness to mental health through colors and their meaning. Each item in the collection has its own color related to ribbons and crystals that help represent the mental illness. 10% of every item sold in this collection will be donated to the Trevor Project.

Why Just Human?

Welcome to Just Human. We are happy you landed on our page! We understand mental health is hard and all of us are affected by it in one way or another. Here at Just Human it is our mission to bring awareness to mental health and help people feel more accepted for being...HUMAN! All of our clothing is non gender conforming and a unisex product. As a company that is LGBTQIA+ owned having gender neutral clothing is essential.

Why The Face

Why Just Healing?

The brain with flowers growing design on the back of the hoodie represents healing within ourselves. Mental health starts with the brain a chemical imbalance that task us who struggle with a lot of ups and downs some more rapid than others. Just like flower when we grow an old part of us we thought we’d never grow out is no longer a part of our identity. Flowers bloom and die off depending on the seasons they grow in. This represents the rapid change and growth we go through when struggling with out mental health. Just like flowers we learn to grow through the hard times that surround us. You are never alone and you are always healing. Here’s to just human who are just healing! 

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